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Gifts of Diversity

Walking Wiener Dog & Lumbering Carpets…Gifts of Diversity

I walk my little white schnauzer, Pippi along the same path around the golf course almost every day. If it is cold she just flat out refuses and says, “No, I’m NOT going!” But the other day was one of those beautiful Colorado days; blue skies that go on forever, snow covered peaks, ravens calling, squirrels scurrying, and rabbits chasing one another all over the place. Home. I live in a scenic home.

Coming through the town homes were two smaller middle aged young women walking two of the largest beasts I have seen in recent memory. Towering dogs, wrapped in curling dark hair all over. This natty covering fell over their eyes and ears – they looked like walking escapees from Carpeteria come to life. I stopped in my tracks and just watched as they lumbered by us. Pippi stared in disbelief. The ladies smiled and said, “Good morning.” I returned the greeting. Ha! Incredible! I’ve never seen anything like it.

On we went following the now seemingly unfamiliar trail when coming around the bend were two very large men walking a small herd, group, bunch, I’m not sure what one calls a “pack” of wiener dogs. Little Oscar Meyer Wiener dogs bouncing along, winding their way back and forth as they traveled. I have no idea how their people kept them from getting all tangled up. There was such a playful flow to the dogs’ movement. The men hardly noticed their miracle as they seemed deep in conversation. They passed. Pippi barked, the Wiener Dogs barked. It was hilarious to me.

Walking Carpets, Wiener Dogs, cawing Ravens, goofy squirrels, chasing bunnies.

I get it now. A little at least. “Nature proclaims the glory of God.” “And all the earth will sing God’s praise.”

Diversity is part of that glory. I believe it is a very big part of that glory. Certainly the world is a better place with big dogs who lumber and little dogs who almost dance as they make their way through the world. Thank God everything…and everyone (?) is not the same.

Maybe it’s time we had a “WE TOO” movement. You know, one that says WE TOO belong. WE TOO are part of you. WE TOO are part of God’s creation and YES, the world is richer, better, more awesomer for it!

Walking Carpets, Wiener dogs, and us. Thank you, God!

Scott Jenkins ,

Creative Director for Celtic way

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