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What Makes Your Heart Sing?

For my last birthday a friend gave me a book of cues for reflection and thought. Each day has a brief question or instruction with space to respond in writing. Today’s question was, if you could do whatever you wanted for one hour one day one week one month one year what would you do?

It looked daunting at first but turned out to be a happy and enlightening exercise which I completed rather quickly. Perhaps we contemplate more than we realize, know ourselves better than we admit. Perhaps we know our heart’s truth better than we let on by our actions.

Try this out for a minute. Think of a day in your own past when you were very happy. What about that day made you happy? Your activity, your company, your accomplishment or plan? What was the season and how was the weather? What was the quality of the light and what sounds were present or absent on that good day? Now go a little deeper and think about what those wonderful qualities meant to you. Maybe freedom or belonging or adventure or a fresh start--only you know for sure.

Now imagine a perfect day in your current situation. Then think about what you might change to make it even better in the future. Are you stuck in a routine that isn’t fulfilling or doesn’t bring you joy? Can you listen to what makes your heart sing and carve out some regular time to follow that tune?

What indeed would you choose to do with one perfect hour, one day? With one week to follow your heart, one month to tap into your imagination? One year to pursue your dreams and recognize joy?

Winter is a perfect time for this exercise because all things begin in darkness. My wish for you is that you may live fully this day and blossom even more in the coming year. Let your dreams grow into action. Blessings on your journey,

Eileen J Terry

Eileen is a Celtic Way Contributor read more about Eileen here.

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