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My friend Teri called just now to discuss a few things going on within the life of Celtic Way. It moved me to get in touch with all the many experiences, some very big and others of the routine and everydayness of life kind that are unfolding recently.

Conversations mixed with gratitude have a way of opening me up to the reality that stuff does not really move or even come to us without the mysterious and synchronistic hand of God at work. I also believe our awareness does not grow that much without a grateful heart and a good spiritual friend to keep us honest.

We discussed upcoming vacations, the health of everyone in our families and how quickly time seems to be moving. I wondered silently, was my grandma right when she said, “Time goes faster as we get older?” We have been friends for over twenty years…I know my life has been enriched, challenged, encouraged, and emboldened because of her investment into my/our journey. Again, I am grateful and aware.

Thinking about friends has led me to mentioning my soul friend, Mr. Dig Chinn. What makes this relationship so “official” is our over twenty- year commitment to meeting weekly for the sole purpose of soul work. It began as a pairing of two guys fit to remake the comedy called, THE ODD COUPLE. He was formal, reserved, polished and I was…not. But I am the much better for having him on my journey for over two decades that I would be without him. I am aware of that too.

A can't talk about my friends without mentioning my wife, Kris. She has walked beside me for over thirty years as my constant companion, care-giver, supporter, confidant, and one who constantly works to set me free so I may explore the depths, breadth, and craziness which is the life I have been graciously given. Seriously. She has said repeatedly, GO! Explore, do, don’t give up, don’t worry. Where would I be today without her as companion (one I break bread with), one who balances me, one who is friend?

Here I can say “indebted” and convey it to you as a word of deep thankfulness, and heartfelt appreciation for these friends and the many more who have entered into the story of my journey through this world.

I like friends, very much. When it comes to watching sports, it is so much better when it is a shared experience with friends. As it pertains to the spiritual life it is necessary to have a close friend who will let us live the questions, won’t offer quick and easy answers, who sits with us in silence.

I understand that today I may be a little to “Christian” for many. Thank you for your tolerance. I am a Celtic Christian. I hope I am not the exclusionary type, or the, “you’re going to burn in hell type if you don’t believe like me.” But at the center of my faith is an experience that God is personal to me. I see this expressed clearly in the person of Jesus who is called Christ. I like what he said, “Love one another…I have called you friends…” I like that…a lot.

Thanks for listening,

Scott Jenkins

Creative Director for Celtic Way…where I work with my friends.

Read more about Scott here.

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